Italian proofreading.

My Italian proofreading services.

I have been proofreading for 20 years:

  • from English to Italian
  • from Spanish to Italian
  • from German to Italian.

I have been asked to proofread mainly by translation agencies located all over the world, which wanted to check up the quality of their translation.

Which are the benefits of a quality proofreading?

Through my proofreading service you can be sure that:

  • the translation is free from spelling errors and grammatical mistakes,
  • the whole text is written with the same style and vocabulary.

Besides the proofreading service allows to check that:

  • all the source text has been translated
  • and the translation sounds good to the Italian reader/user.

Two different proofreading services.

Depending on the quality of the translation, the proofreading process may be more or less difficult and time consuming.

  1. Some translations just need some basic proofreading: a first level of revising service, which includes proofing for spelling mistakes and typos, punctuation problems and awkward grammar.
  2. Some translations instead require a deeper proofreading process – the so called deep editing/rewriting service – which implies lexicon and syntax changes throughout the text and more or less extensive rewriting of the content.

This advanced proofreading service improves the translation until it sounds natural and is immediately understood by its audience.

This aim is pursued by:

  • checking if the word choice sounds appropriate to the context,
  • replacing a word which recurs too often with a synonym,
  • changing the word sequence in case it does not sound good.
  • Afterwards there is a word after word check, in order to make sure that the source text has been entirely translated and none of its words is accidentally missing in the translation.

The deep editing and rewriting service implies to check both the source and the target language. Therefore, the translation goes through a double revising process, which takes much more time than the first kind of service, i.e. the basic proofreading.

This affects the price of the proofreading service. The price of the service depends on the quality of the translation and on the kind of revising service required. As well as on the length of the text to proofread and from the urgency of the job.

Field of expertise:

I deal mainly with proofreading of marketing and advertising communication related to mass market consumer goods and brands.

I proofread the following marketing documents:

  • corporate web sites,
  • corporate and product brochures,
  • advertising campaigns,
  • press releases and articles,
  • presentations,
  • newsletter and direct marketing campaigns,
  • labels and magazines,
  • speeches for press conferences and international fairs,
  • branded content,
  • corporate blog posts.

Why choosing my proofreading service?

  • Extensive experience: 20 years of proofreading for brands related to different market fields.
  • Being an Italian mother tongue and still living in Italy, allows me to know the current vocabulary and idioms.
  • Twenty years of experience as a Copywriter enables me to edit a clear and effective Italian content. When I deal with the deep editing and rewriting service, I carefully choose the right word at the right place, according to the industry of the brand involved and to the language used by its target audience.
  • For the double-check on the source and on the target language, when I am asked for the deep editing service.
  • Timely delivery of the job.

If you need a proofreading service, ask for a free quote.

You will receive the offer for your proofreading service after the evaluation of the text to proofread together with its source text. If the quote will be accepted, you will have to go ahead with the purchase of the order via bank transfer.

If possible, complete and paste the following details in your contact form message:

  1. number of words of the Italian document to proofread
  2. deadline.